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About Us

History of Sail Properties, Inc


Diann Davisson and Terry Eselun founded Sail Properties, Inc. They had both been practicing real estate for several years, but when interest rates rose to 20% and many large offices were closing, they decided to go out on their own. By then, both were Real Estate Brokers and knew they would be a success.

Sail Properties, Inc. was first located on the corner of Brookhurst and Atlanta in Huntington Beach. They took over a large office suite, hired an assistant and got to work!


Sail Properties, Inc. relocated to the charming, open-air Seacliff Shopping Center at Yorktown and Main. They enjoyed a storefront location across from Pero’s Restaurant. When the shopping center was razed in 1999, they moved their business to the downtown area.


After more then two decades at our current location, we’ve seen our sales and property management grow exponentially. As our real estate sales increased, our owners needed a quality brokerage that they could trust to manage and protect their investments.


Elsy Mejia joined the team and has grown into the premier expert in accounting for our clients.


Jacob Canter joins Sail Properties and has worked diligently to serve all of our client’s needs with their real estate transactions, service request and leasing needs.


Sail Properties diversifies into offering Vacation Rentals and HOA management services to fulfill demands of existing clients.


Kari Higginbotham joins the team and has been handling work orders efficiently ever since.


Terry and Diann remain at the helm of Sail Properties, Inc, but have turned over the “lines” to Jacob as Managing Broker and are confident in the entire Sail Properties team to manage the Real Estate sales, property management, vacation rentals management and HOA management.


Richard Rule joins the team to handle all leasing aspects of the property management services. His attention to detail and efficiency have lead to countless seamless transitions between tenants.


Terry and Diann transition into full retirement and sell the business to Jacob to continue the legacy.

Many things have changed in the past 35 years, but one thing remains consistent: our commitment to dedicated, caring, professional service to all of our clients.