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Breaking Your Lease

You need to break your lease? No need to worry as this is a very clean and easy process. First, please provide us with an exact date of when you will be vacating the unit. We will advertise the unit for your current rent amount and immediately begin showing the unit. Below is a breakdown of the related expenses to ending your tenancy. Financially you will be responsible for:

  1. Rent until the property is released; please keep paying your rent as normal. We will notify you when the property has been leased and credit you any amount that is to be refunded back to you.
  2. Utilities need to remain on in your name until the new tenant moves in. We will provide you with that date as soon as we can.
  3. Repairs and painting to make the unit move in ready. We will conduct a pre move out inspection within the last two weeks of your tenancy to provide you with an idea of what items will need to be repaired or corrected before you vacate.
  4. Releasing fee of ½ a current month’s rent made payable to Sail Properties, Inc. This fee is for the early termination of the contract and is due when you provide your notice to vacate.